What is Xpadder?

PC games are designed with a mouse and keyboard in mind, which is why some of them have poor controller support if any. Xpadder aims to fix this issue by emulating a keyboard and a mouse while receiving an input from a joystick or controller. In other words, you can play a PC game with a controller and the game will “think” it’s receiving a keyboard and mouse input.

Xpadder is the free and open source and you can use it on Windows XP or any later version, up to Win 8. It provides full support for both 32 and 64-bit operating systems and it can be installed in no time. The application doesn’t ask for too many resources and it doesn’t have any special requirements.

How Xpadder Works?

Xpadder is a game emulator that simply makes the hit or command that are created on your input device synced with the controller. Let’s talk of an example, here we are going to explain how Xpadder works. You can download Xpadder for free from the official website.

Being simple in explaining, actually when you set up any controller with xpadder, you simply assign the respective keyboard key function to the button of your controller. Like you are playing need for speed and for controls of basic driving you have A-S-W-D, So when you assign these controls to your controller, and then further hit the button on your controller, then your Xpadder turns that hit with respect to the keyboard.


Xpadder can send mouse and keyboard commands while receiving controller or joystick commands. The application is lightweight and it can be installed quickly. What’s more, it works straight out of the box, without the need to make any complicated settings.


Xpadder gives you the possibility of playing any PC game with a joystick or controller, even if the game doesn’t provide any support for such input.

Updated: June 12, 2019 — 5:18 pm

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